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' Cracking ' day for a Survey!

Updated: May 7

At NIVEK Surveying Services, we believe that every day is a great day for a survey, especially when it leads to important discoveries that could save our clients from potential headaches down the line. During a recent RICS Building Survey carried out in Nottingham, our team encountered a particularly interesting case that highlights the importance of thorough inspections.

While conducting the survey, our experienced surveyors came across a repaired crack in the property's structure. Initially, it seemed like a minor issue that had been addressed by previous repairs. However, upon closer inspection, we noticed something alarming – the crack had reappeared, indicating that the underlying problem had not been properly resolved.

This discovery underscores the critical importance of conducting comprehensive surveys, even for properties that may appear to be in good condition. While some issues may seem minor at first glance, they could be indicative of more significant underlying problems that require attention.

By investing in a RICS Building Survey, our clients can rest assured that every aspect of their property will be thoroughly inspected, from the visible to the seemingly insignificant. Our goal is to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their property's condition, allowing them to make informed decisions about their investment.

Whether it's spotting reappearing cracks or uncovering hidden defects, trust NIVEK Surveying Services to deliver accurate, reliable, and comprehensive survey reports that give you peace of mind.

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