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Level 2 Survey

Including a Property Valuation

Level 2 Survey: Comprehensive Assessment for Informed Property Decisions

What is a Level 2 Homebuyers report

A Level 2 Survey stands as a pivotal step in ensuring informed property decisions, particularly for properties in reasonable condition. Tailored for clients including buyers, vendors, and owners, this service provides a detailed and objective report on the condition of a property's main elements.

What Does a Level 2 Survey Entail?

Designed to offer a comprehensive assessment, a Level 2 Survey involves a meticulous visual inspection of the building, its services, and grounds. This intermediate-level service caters to a broader range of conventionally built properties, providing a detailed analysis of various components to uncover any present or potential issues.

Inclusions and Benefits

One of the key highlights of a Level 2 Survey is the inclusion of a valuation of the property, providing clients with a clear indication of its market value. Additionally, a reinstatement figure is provided, aiding in determining the appropriate amount for property insurance coverage.

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Our Approach

At NIVEK Surveying Services, our primary goal is to ensure that clients are fully informed about any current or future defects that may pose a risk to themselves or the building. Our thorough inspection covers a range of elements including roof coverings, internal and external walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and external areas such as outbuildings and grounds. We also provide insights into the general construction of the property, its services, and potential legal issues such as building regulation requirements and local environmental concerns.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports are structured in a simple and easy-to-understand format, ensuring that clients can grasp the findings effortlessly. Each element of the property is meticulously described, with any current or future defects clearly outlined. We also provide actionable advice to assist clients in understanding the significance of each element and guide them on the necessary steps to address any issues identified.

Informed Decision-Making

By opting for a Level 2 Survey with NIVEK Surveying Services, clients can make informed decisions with confidence. Our detailed assessments, comprehensive reports, and expert advice empower clients to navigate the property market effectively, ensuring that their investment is well-informed and protected.

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