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Spotting defects that are not visible from the ground

Updated: May 7

At NIVEK Surveying Services, we understand the importance of thorough inspections, especially when it comes to identifying defects that may not be visible from ground level. That's why we use advanced Ball and Cam technology as standard in all our RICS surveys, allowing us to access areas that would otherwise remain unseen.

During a recent survey conducted by our team, this innovative technology proved invaluable in spotting defects that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. From hidden structural issues to concealed damage, the use of Ball and Cam technology enabled us to conduct a comprehensive inspection, providing our clients with a clear picture of their property's condition.

What sets Ball and Cam technology apart is its ability to access areas that are typically inaccessible from ground level, even with binoculars. This includes rooftops, high walls, and other elevated structures that would otherwise require specialized equipment or costly scaffolding to inspect thoroughly.

By incorporating Ball and Cam technology into our RICS surveys, we ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to identifying potential defects and hazards. Our clients can rest assured knowing that their property has been thoroughly inspected, allowing them to make informed decisions with confidence.

Whether you're buying, selling, or simply maintaining your property, trust NIVEK Surveying Services to provide you with accurate, reliable, and comprehensive survey reports that put your peace of mind first.

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